Saturday, 20 February 2016

Camps this week!

Just a reminder this coming week we have both year 5 and 6 camps. Year sixes leave on Monday morning with myself, Mrs Knofflock, Mr Mac and Mrs Steel. Year fives leave for Piha on Thursday then stay the stay the night in the school hall with Miss J, Mrs Poole, Mrs Driver and Mrs Dowden. On Monday, Tuesday and Wedneday Year fives will be in room 5 with Mrs Dowden. Big thanks to all the parents who are coming along and helping out at both camps!
Comment below your favourite memory about camp or what you are looking forward to. 

Miss Coffers favourite memory: At my year six camp when I faced my fear of the abseiling wall. I ended up loving it so much I learnt how to hang upside down infamously known as the hanging angel!



  1. I'm so looking forward to the week ahead with all our EOTC activities. My favourite memory of my Y7 camp was sailing an optimist yacht. In recent years attending Y6 camp for my last school at Camp Adair in Hunua, I loved going on the super fox and high ropes!

  2. Wendy (Sophie's Mum)22 February 2016 at 10:54

    My favourite memories of Y6 camp at Port Waikato are playing on the sand dunes, sleeping in the dorms and performing our skits on the last night. My favourite memories of Y12 camp at Motutapu are learning to sail and climbing the highest on the Dangle Duo.