Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Singapore - post 2

Well done - Sophia, Willa, Eli and Finlay for commenting on the blog. You each get 10,000 house points each.

The quiz continues. Remember we will be discussing the answers when I am back. If you comment and you have got a question right you will get 10,000 house points for each question correct.

Quiz continued...

5. Singapore have notes for $2. Who is the man on the $2 note? Why is he important? (photo below)

6. Today was a very important day in Singapore (Tuesday 9th August). There were lots of celebrations and fireworks. Everyone was wearing red. Why was today important in Singapore and why do people wear white? (photo below)

7.  This sign below is in an area of major tourist attraction in Singapore. Can you use your inferencing skills to know where this sign is? 

Remember to comment below your answers. 

Watch this space for more questions....


  1. Hope you are enjoying Singapore hope you come back soon

  2. 6. I think it was Singapore's national day. People wear white and red because it is the flag's colours.

    From: Phoebe

  3. hi Miss Coffer, hope you are having a great time at singapore have you gone swimming to cool off?

    hope you are enjoying your time at singapore

    from Lokkie

  4. Hi Miss Coffer!
    I got some more answers!
    5.Bin Hao
    6. Singapore's National Birthday/ Birthday of their nation
    7. is it somewhere near a beach or pond?

  5. Hello Miss Coffer how's ya trip in SINGAPORE!
    Room6 and I wish you a great time in Singapore good luck :D

    From one of your students JARED

  6. 5.Yusof bin Ishak
    6.The National Day of Singapore is celebrated every year on August 9, in commemoration of the Singapore's independence from Malaysia in the year 1965. This holiday features a National Day Parade, an address by the Prime Minister of Singapore, and fireworks celebrations.

  7. Hi Miss Coffer! Just wondering... Are you staying in a hotel or a small flat? We are having such a nice time without you! I hope you do another blog post soon! By the way, I have no idea what any of the answers are unfortunately

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  9. Hi Miss Coffer. I hope you a having a Great time. what class a you in for Bukit Timah Primary School?

    By Cailan

  10. Is Number 6 National Day / a national holiday
    Number 7 is it at a beach or somewhere with sand hope you come back soon

  11. Oh and Number 5 is Yusof bin Ishak i just found out thanks

  12. 5. Yusok Bin Ishak
    6. It is Singapore'snational day on the 9th of August it is for when Singapore broke from Malaysia and became an independent nation
    7. Is it an outdoor pool. I think this because you don't just have random life rings lying around the beach
    From James

  13. 7. Is it Sentosa Island?

    From: Phoebe

  14. I think that number 6 was Singapore's national day, I looked it up on google and they wear red and white because that is the colors of their flag. I hope this answer is right and I can't wait until you get back! I hope you do another blog post soon!

  15. hi miss coffer how are you going in Singapore are you having a good time what is your favorite thing so far.

  16. 5. Yousof bin ishak 6. Singapore's national birthday 7. Beach or pool From Max

  17. Hi Miss Coffer I got another answer for number 5

  18. hi miss coffer i have some answers
    5.Yusof bin Ishak, The Republic of Singapore’s First Head of State
    6.National Day in Singapore

    bye for now

  19. 1.Encik Yusof because he was a teacher
    2.51 NPD 2016 , singapore natioal day
    they where red and white
    because it is their flag
    3.the Enchanting Heart or
    (sempu island)

  20. 1.Encik Yusof
    2.Singapore Parade Day (NPD). They wear red and white to represent their flag colours.
    3.The Enchanting Heart (Sempu Island)

    By Summer

  21. 1. Encik Yusof he was important because he was a teacher.
    2. 51 Singapore NPD 2016, they wear white and red because it is the colours of the flag.
    3. is it the enchanting heart or (sempu island)

  22. Hi Miss Coffer, We hope you are having a great time in Singapore! We miss you and your jokes so much!

    From, Summer, Morgan and Sophie!

  23. 5. Yusof bin Ishak
    6. National day of Singapore (like a birthday)
    7. I think it's a beach or an outdoor pool with a beach theme???

  24. Hi Miss Coffer, all my answers are on a google docs called Singapore Answers. Hope you are having a lovely holiday in Singapore, and having a lot of fun learning things from the teacher you are with in Bukit Timah Primary school. We will see you back at school on Monday. What has been the favourite thing that you have done so far?.

  25. 5. Yusof bin Ishak. He was the first president of Singapore when Singapore became a republic on 9 August 1965
    6. National day of Singapore is celebrated every year on August 9,in commemoration of the Singapore's independence from Malaysia in the year of 1965. people wear red and white because these colors are Singapore flag colors.
    7. A beach